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I love stories, movies and books alike. I learned many of my morals from the heroes in books and movies when I was younger. People have teased me about being a knight, more than once, haha. Because I saw how much of an impact stories had on me, I wanted nothing more than to be able to do that for someone else! 

A story has such power to change. There is something about them that can touch hearts in a way that simple facts could never do. Textbooks are great, but they don't hold a candle to the books that teach lessons through stories. I realized early in my life that stories are the best way to really teach and have an impact on lives. Think about some of the greatest speeches you have heard. Think about the lessons that really stick with you. Very often there is a story tied in that drives the lesson home. Even look at some of the greatest teachers. Look at Jesus, Gandhi, or even the best  school teachers. They have a message and they share that message through stories. 

Knowing the impact I could potentially have I looked into becoming an author myself. I wanted it so badly, but for over a decade I had done nothing with it. I searched in the self development world for the answer. After a lot of study, I found that I had a belief that told me: "dreams are something to look forward to, but not have. They are something to see, but not touch." Wow. When I came to this realization, it changed everything!

I worked on this belief and cleared it away. As soon as I was free of that limiting belief, my dreams became reality. In a decade nothing, and then in a year and a half, I published 6 books! Can you believe that? If I hadn't experienced it, I would have laughed if someone told me what was going to happen.

At first, I had only planned to write fiction, but because of my journey in the self help world, I began writing in that realm as well. Both adventurous stories, and real life teachings had helped me, so now I share my knowledge and imagination. 

You may ask: why should I care about all of this? I have an answer for you. If this young guy from a little town could reach his dreams, then so can you. You CAN and WILL succeed!

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