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A Dance With Demons:                   Book 2

       The soldier stood, staring at the demon, too afraid to move. Any demon was a terrifying sight, but this demon was something else entirely. Even hunching forward as it did, the monstrosity stood close to thirteen feet high. Its body was thick, far thicker than something its size should have been and every inch of it was rippling with muscle. A huge tail lashed slowly from side to side behind it and the demons muzzle was slightly parted as it regarded the soldier. Its red eyes were frightening, showing that it had no humanity whatsoever. All this creature was concerned with, was death and killing.

       The soldier wanted to reach for his weapon, or to run, but couldn’t. He wanted to do anything, other than watch his death approach, but his body wouldn’t follow his orders. All that was left to the soldier, was to stand and watch the demon. The beast reached up and took hold of the hilt above its shoulder. The sword it drew was almost double as long as the soldier was tall and was two feet across. That blade could have felled a tree and would have no difficulty at all, with a simple human.

        The demon smiled, showing all of its teeth and swung the blade.


        Thailog is at large, summoning more and more demons to his cause. With every demon summoned, the humans’ chances of winning the war wain. Jean and the others have come a long way, but with the compound under new leadership and their forces significantly reduced, will they be able to hold out in the coming days? Already the war seems to be in the favor of Thailog and his demons. Is the compound’s fate sealed? Are the demons destined to win and eventually cover the entire earth? Or is there a chance, a chance for David and his allies to make a difference in this war?

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