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                 Omeron: The Hero's Chronicle

       “If you could stop all of this, would you?” the hero asked.

       Randrum knelt before the hero, who was adorned in his bloodstained armor. That armor had once been bright and gleaming, but no longer. Randrum only lifted his eyes, too weak to stand. He hardly noticed the blood red snow, or the still bodies around them, which he himself would soon join.

       “Of course I would… but it’s too late,” Randrum said before going into a fit of coughing. Once he recovered somewhat he raised his eyes to meet the hero’s gaze. “No one can turn back the hands of time….”

       The hero crouched down before Randrum, still holding his gaze. “But what if one could?”

       Randrum licked his lips. The blood loss must have been getting to him. He actually considered the question, even though it was impossible. “If it were… possible… I would sacrifice anything to change this.”

       The hero smiled and held out his hand. “That’s the right answer.”

       Randrum hesitated, then reached for that hand.


       If a murderer was given the choice between death and becoming a hero, something so contrary to everything they know, would they? Even if they did, could they actually change? Could they fight their nature and become a true hero?

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