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Do you really want to have your work seen?

Unfortunately, as much as I have tried, doing nothing doesn't really help people find your work. To really do well as a writer, as well as in just about everything else, you need to put yourself out there. People will often purchase your work more because of who you are, than because of what it is. Look at celebrates for example. People will pay absurd amounts of money for things that belong to celebrates. I've heard of things like famous people's hair or nail clippings being sold. I have even heard of people selling used jockstraps of renown sports players. It just boggles my mind that something like that could be sold. Think about this. If a random unknown person walked up to you and offered to sell one of those things to you, but it belonged to them rather than some famous figure, what would be your reaction be? If i had to guess, it wouldn't be too favorable. Yet, items, no matter what they are if they belong to the right person will sell. It all seems a little silly to me, but if you are renown, you can sell literally anything.

So, what we need to do, is really get our name out there. There are many different ways to do this, but whatever you choose, you must get your name out there if you want to do well. One way to go, would be to pay others to do marketing for you. Finding these people can be as easy as jumping online and searching marketers, though of course you do still want to do some research on those marketers before you purchase their services. Another way you could go about it is marketing yourself. One of the best ways to do that, is get involved with other people in the field you are pursuing. With writing you are going to want to join as many reading and writing groups as you can. Get to know other authors and have other people read your work and even offer feedback on it, so they will get invested into your book. The more people you can get to know, the more people who will get to know both you and your work. Before long, that notoriety is going to turn into exactly what you need to succeed.

Now don't get me wrong, people will buy your books simply because it looks good. In fact there are people who come out of nowhere from time to time and become instant hits. This is the exception to the rule, however, not the rule. If you truly do want to do well, the best way is to get to know as many people as you can in the writing world. I would also suggest devouring all the information you can get from podcast and books about getting your name out there.

So in the end, just start putting yourself out there. With how amazing you are, people are going to love getting to know you. This will not only turn into the renown that will get your book rolling, but may evolve into some very real friendships too. You are truly magnificent, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You deserve the very best, so go and get it.

Alexander R Davis

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